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Paradise Skydives Flight Line
Paradise Skydives operates the LARGEST, FASTEST and HIGHEST CLIMBING jump aircraft in the entire state of Iowa. Our Cessna Grand Caravan is the ONLY, FULL-TIME turbine jump aircraft in the state.


Cessna Grand Caravan



See the benefits of our Cessna Grand Caravan for yourself...


LARGEST - Capable of hauling as many as 18 skydivers to altitude in comfort we can accommodate larger groups than any other drop zone in Iowa. Compare this to the aircraft at other Iowa drop zones which can carry only 4 to 6 jumpers at a time. Want to go up on the same load with 3 or more of your friends? No problem! We have the lift capacity to fulfill that wish. No other drop zone in Iowa can offer this level of service.


Cessna Grand Caravan Port Side View



FASTEST - A typical climb to full jump altitude of 13,500 feet takes about 15 minutes in our Caravan. Other drop zones take nearly twice as long to only climb as high as 9,500 feet. Shorter climb times allow you to get to the action with the shortest wait!


Cessna Grand Caravan Rear Starboard 3/4 View


HIGHEST - Standard jump altitude from the Caravan is 13,500 feet above ground level which provides as much as 60 seconds of freefall time for tandem skydivers (as compared to about 30 seconds at other Iowa drop zones) and over 70 seconds of freefall for experienced skydivers.


Cessna Grand Caravan 3/4 View


Add up all of these advantages and you can see why Paradise Skydives is THE place to jump in Iowa!! Why go anywhere else and settle for less?