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Virtual Tour of Paradise Skydives


Main driveway out from FBO building onto Highway 150 

This is the main driveway facing East from the FBO Building out onto Highway 150.

 As you can see our parking lot stretches as far as the eye can see!








FBO Building and Bathrooms


The FBO building.

This is the first building at the end of the main driveway in from Highway 150.

The FBO building houses the FBO office, the pilots lounge and the men's and women's restrooms.
FBO Office
FBO Offiice inside the FBO building.
This houses an AWOS display. local telephone, lounge and pop machine are all located in the FBO office.
Pilot's Lounge 
The pilots lounge and weather briefing station inside the FBO office.
Men's Bathroom
The men's restroom.
Women's Bathroom
The women's restroom is clean, private, air-conditioned and heated.
Main Hanger Building
Paradise Skydives, Inc. main hanger building.
(Facing NE from the front of the FBO building).
Main Hanger (closer view)
A closer view of Paradise Skydives' main hanger and manifest building.
(see the Cessna Grand Caravan tucked in there?) 
Main Hanger (closest view)
Main Hanger and creeper pad #1.
Cessna Grand Caravan
Cessna Grand Caravan
The ONLY full-time turbine jump aircraft in Iowa!
Come get twice as much freefall time at the best drop zone in the state.
Main Packing Area
Over 5,000 squre feet of carpeted packing area in the main hanger with plenty of couches for relaxation between loads (or if you've jumped yourself silly all day from our Cessna Grand Caravan).
Indoor Climbing Wall
 Our indoor climbing wall and home of the "Yo Mama's".
Outside of manifest office
The outside of the manifest office and tandem gear racks (foreground).
Don't forget to reserve a cameraman to film your once-in-a-lifetime jump!
(see the sign on the wall??)
Mainifest Office
The air-conditioned (and heated) manifest office.
Clothing sales, snacks, gear sales and tandem video briefing area. 
Main Landing Area
The main landing area as seen from the manifest office. Look at all that WIDE-OPEN landing area. With no obstructions for safe and easy landings.
(view is looking West - Northwest from the hanger door) 
Packing Area (looking southwest)
Alternate view of main packing area and the Caravan being moved out for the start of the day.
(this is looking Southwest from the Northeast corner of the hanger).
Video Debriefing Area
Video debriefing area for students, instructors, coaches and tandem video customers.
The stairs lead up to the student classroom above the manifest office.
Main Packing Area
Another view of the northeast section of the main carpeted packing area. Notice the many couches along the left wall for relaxing between jumps.
Creeper pad #2 is behind the closed hanger door on the left.
Student Classroom
The air-conditioned and heated student training classroom. All ground school courses are taught in our private 15 - 20 seat classroom using video instructional aids.
Southwest Main Packing Area
The Southwest portion of our 5,000 square foot carpeted and padded packing area in the main hanger.
(As seen looking down from the student classroom above the manifest office).